First blog post

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Word on the fiction book market street is published authors need to have a blog. A blog? Really. Okay. I can do it. I can write a blog. How hard can it be? I mean, I’ve written six books, published two. A blog will be a snap.

So off I go, cup of mint tea in hand, in hand to my cozy den where all my great writing ideas develop and plop down in front of my laptop, fingers poised on the keyboard, waiting for inspiration to strike. Waiting. And waiting. And still waiting. Maybe this is harder than I thought.

A quick search on the Internet finds more than 185,000,000 entries on writing blogs. Yikes! At least I won’t be stuck for ideas. I search through the websites, read the lists of possibilities, and search and search. There’s no dearth of suggestions. I can blog about my most embarrassing moment, my worst day, my heroes, my literary inspirations, how to cook my favorite sauerkraut rye bread, the characters in my books, my love of drinking red wine, German short-haired pointers, my family, camping, hiking, traveling, canoeing, skiing. The list goes on and on. With so much choice, writing a blog should be easy.

But will anyone be interested in my thoughts and feelings. I can’t imagine. Who out in the Ethernet really cares that I’ve hiked the Inca Trail, canoed the Yukon River, cycled through Central America? Is it relevant I met Prince Charles when my father took him fly fishing in the Northwest Territories an eon ago? Really? Who but my mother and my closest friends are interested in what I think about composting, global warming, rainforest deforestation, the Raptors?

Okay, okay. I get it. Blogging is hard. Really hard. My head’s aching just thinking about it. Maybe a nice glass of red wine will help. I’ll write the blog tomorrow.



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