Conference Magic


Writers’ conferences are magical. If you do nothing else to enrich your writing career, attend a writer’ conference. Not only will you learn new writing and marketing skills, and have a chance to pitch your latest manuscript to editors and agents, you’ll meet authors at all stages of their careers and leave the conference invigorated and inspired.

The first conference I attended was a romance writers’ conference. I was so nervous I sat in my car in the parking lot and watched people enter the building wondering what a romance writer looked like. I expected to see middle-aged women wearing floppy garden hats and flowery, flowing dresses. To my surprise, everyone looked normal. Even more surprising, a few men walked through the doors. Once I gathered the courage to enter the conference room, I had a wonderful time. I couldn’t believe how friendly and supportive the other attendees were.

My next conference was for authors of all genres. I met people who wrote poetry, crafted non-fiction textbooks, and writers of horror, young adult, mystery, scifi, steam punk, romance novels, and many other genres. Everyone had a unique story of his or her writing journey. One man, with Fabio-like flowing dark hair was a cover model for romance books. A middle-aged couple wrote erotica, and a criminal lawyer penned legal thrillers.

Many of the people I’ve met at writing conferences are still friends, and we connect on line, sharing our successes and challenges. Attend a conference. If you can’t afford the RWA, find one closer to home. You’ll never regret the experience, and you may even find some magic.




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