The Joy Of Running


A few years ago, in a desperate effort to get in shape, I started running again. I couldn’t believe how hard it was. Each minute was agony. My feet hurt, my hips and knees ached, my lungs burned, but I persisted. After weeks of hard work, I ran forty-five minutes without stopping and was beginning to feel the euphoria that comes with running.

My lungs still burn, my heart pounds, and I pant and puff as I struggle to get back into running shape. But the rewards are worth the effort. Running on the winding, narrow, forest trails behind my house, I enjoy the beautiful vista of the Fraser River flowing below, and the forested hills in the distance. If I’m lucky, I meet a deer. Sometimes, a bear lurks in the bush. Squirrels skitter through the trees, birds chirp, and woodpeckers peck above as I breathe in the fresh air redolent with rising sap.I return home, sweaty and tired, but exhilarated and ready to face whatever trials the day ahead hold, looking forward to my next run.



4 thoughts on “The Joy Of Running

  1. That’s impressive. I tend to trip over my own feet when walking, let alone running, lol. I admire your fortitude, I keep intending to exercise…one of these days, lol.

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  2. Well, for a girl you can’t chew bubble gum and walk across the street at the same time, I’m jealous. But I do hike and ride bike when the weather allows. But mostly I enjoy a nice walk in the wood with my dog. The quiet settles my brain and feeds my creativity. Watch out for darting wildlife. LOL

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