1D5E2E7C-789C-412F-8863-B30281E23FEDLife has been crazy these past weeks. My daughter had an emergency cesarean section and delivered identical twin boys. The babies had a rocky start involving being flown by air ambulance to a neonatal intensive care ward in a larger center and spending three weeks in hospital care, but they are home at last and growing every day.

If you think a baby changes your life, try two. My husband and I have been at my daughter and her partner’s home helping with the new babies since they came home from the hospital. Double the feedings, diaper changes, laundry, more feedings, more diaper changes…and did I say laundry? The washer and dryer has been running nonstop.

At the end of every day, we collapse and sip a relaxing glass of red wine before falling into bed in an exhausted coma. But at least we get an uninterrupted sleep.

My daughter and her partner aren’t so lucky. Through all the issues involved in her risky pregnancy, the difficult births, and long hospital stay, my daughter has been a rock. She always has a smile on her face even with the nighttime feedings and lack of sleep.

The months ahead will be challenging, but with the help of her partner, family, and friends the babies will be fine. We’re so blessed. I can’t wait to watch these beautiful baby boys grow up and become men. What an adventure.



8 thoughts on “TWIN BLESSINGS

  1. Let me start by saying congratulations to all of you. Identical boys are more rare than you may think. I’ve studied the subject a lot because I’m an identical twin.
    A message from my mother – Twins are easier in the long-run. They entertain each other and don’t require so much of your attention.
    Advice from me – Treat them as individuals, not two half of a whole.


    • So you’re an identical twin, Sandra…interesting. I’m just starting to read up on them. It’s fascinating. I’ll pass your advice onto my daughter. Thanks for checking out my blog.


  2. What a couple of cuties! I’m sure things are crazy right now, but like Sandra said, in the years to come they’ll be each other’s best friend and amuse themselves. That probably doesn’t help you and your daughter right now!


    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed the boys become best friends. It’s funny how when one cries, the other starts. They are already so connected. Thank you so much for stopping in. I appreciate your support.


  3. Oh, they are adorable! Congrats to your family, I am sure they will provide fodder for plenty of stories, lol. How wonderful that your daughter and her partner have the ‘village’ it will take to nourish and raise the new additions and we will look forward to seeing them grow. Hugs.


    • Thanks for stopping by, ELF. Always great to ‘chat’ with you. Yes, the babies will be interesting. I’m sure future stories will include heroines or heroes with babies…maybe even twins. Funny.


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