Tree Spirits



For thousands of years, people have believed deities use trees as dwelling places. The early Celts, Romans and Egyptians all believed in tree spirits. The Japanese believed kodama (spirits) inhabited trees. The practice of touching wood stems from the belief spirits living in trees were listening to our conversations. The expression ‘knock on wood’ calls upon tree spirits for protection from misfortune or a thank you to the tree spirits for bringing good luck.

You can actually see tree spirits if you visit Cottonwood Island Nature Park in Prince George in Northern British Columbia. In 2005, Elmer Gunderson carved fifteen faces into the outer bark of three hundred year old black cottonwood trees along the meandering, shaded paths along the Nechako River.

The intricately carved human faces are the size of a human hand and blend in with the tree’s rough bark. They portray trapper’s lined faces, Indigenous elders, old women, and other whimsical characters.

Over the years, some of the trees have been washed away or windstorms have felled these massive trees. Weathering has faded the carvings, but twelve remain. Part of the fun is finding the faces. They’re like hidden gems peeking out of the gnarled bark as if the spirit inside the tree is alive. If you venture into these woods, don’t forget to knock on wood, just in case the tree spirits are watching.

20160804-143452-largejpgcottonwood-island-naturealong-the-nechakon-river  Cottonwood Island Nature Park


A Canoeing Adventure


I’ve canoed since I was a child. I’ve paddled lakes of all sizes and rivers that ranged from easy flowing streams to raging rapids. In all that water, I’ve never tipped my canoe.

That all changed last week when my husband and I, and some friends, paddled down a remote wilderness river. The air was chilly but the river was beautiful. We floated past shores lined with giant cottonwoods, thick willows, and dense evergreen forest. Moose foraged along the shores, ducks and geese hid their young in the reeds, and eagles soared overhead. Rounding a bend in the river, my husband put down his paddle to take pictures. In minutes, the fast current swept us too close to shore. The next thing we knew we crashed into a sweeper (a tree jutting into the river), and the canoe flipped.

The first icy plunge took my breath away. We were wearing life jackets so we weren’t going to drown, but my concern was for my elderly dog. She was stuck under the canoe and terrified. If she got away, she wouldn’t be able to swim for long. I grabbed her and held her tight. The water was over my waist and the current swept my feet out from under me, but I managed to make it to shore and set the dog on dry land. Somehow, my husband held onto the water-filled canoe, though much of our gear floated down the river.

Our friends paddled like mad and retrieved most of our stuff, and they started a fire on a gravel bar. We managed to turn the canoe over and grabbed our dog and climbed back into the canoe, and paddled to the gravel bar and the hot fire where we changed into dry clothes.

Other than a few bruises, wet clothing, some missing equipment, and damaged egos, we survived. Had it not been for the quick thinking of our friends, the situation would have been much more serious. Moral of the story…never travel alone.


Another Contract!


Thrilled to announce that I just received a contract from The Wild Rose Press for my fourth romantic suspense. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been.

My road to publication has been long and filled with many ups and downs. I submitted my first manuscript by mailing the first fifty pages to a dozen mainstream publishers (yes, that long ago), and then waited for the responses, which more often than not took months. Usually, the rejection was curt and impersonal, but I took heart from those few editors and publishers who took the time to offer suggestions on how to improve my writing, and I persevered. I’ll never forget the day I received an email from The Wild Rose Press offering me a contract. I did a happy dance, and celebrated with a glass (or two) of wine.

I can’t say enough good things about my publisher. They work hard to ensure we authors feel like we’re part of the team. They offer chats where we can learn more about our craft and this ever-changing, complicated industry. They’re open to communications and respond quickly and efficiently to any queries. No wonder they’ve been voted Top Publisher for the pasts several years.

I signed my first contract on June 3, 2015, and two years later I’m onto my fourth published book. Who would ever have thought it possible? Now I get to begin the process all over again. Yes! Thank you The Wild Rose Press.


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Five Stars For Bitter Legacy!

This week just keeps getting better and better. Not only was my third romantic suspense, published by The Wild Rose Press, released, but Bitter Legacy received great reviews.

Please check out this latest review by Avid Reader. Awesome! Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your weekend.


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More Great Reviews!

Wow! It’s been quite a week. My latest romantic suspense published by The Wild Rose Press was released today, (wild cheering!) and the reviews keep coming in. I’m so grateful for the fine folks who take the time to read my books and write a review. It’s always wonderful to hear what readers think about my work.

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Five Stars for Bitter Legacy!

Lynda Coker at Between the Lines Reviews gave my upcoming Romantic Suspense, ‘Bitter Legacy’ Five Stars.

Lynda reads the first ten pages of a book and writes a review on whether or not a reader would want to finish the book. She bases this on the premise that if a story doesn’t catch the reader’s interest in the first pages, they won’t want to read the rest of the story.

Check out her site:

Or, read the review here:

Title: Bitter Legacy
Author: C. B. Clark
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Review Rating: ***** Totally hooked…Can’t Put It Down
Review Comments: 
The first sentence of the first page nailed the suspense factor and the first paragraph made me wonder if Sharla-Jean Bromley was a psycho or a sympathetic character I would invest more time in. After completing the first ten pages, I still didn’t have an answer to that question, but I knew I had to keep reading.
A few story elements gleaned from the first ten pages: 
A nightmare of a secret kept for seventeen years. A daughter shows up at her father’s church funeral wearing a daring red dress. The whole group of mourners hate her.  The whole town is asking what Josh Morgan was going to do about it. To him, she is a package of trouble that threatens to ruin all his plans.
Quote from Book:
~ With each comment, each insult, each condemnation, the layer of ice encircling her heart thickened.~

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Another Five Star Review For Bitter Legacy!

jeep wonder of Reading Alley wrote this Five Star Review of Bitter Legacy:

The good, the bad, it’s in all of us.
Jun 1, 2017 (Edited Jun 1, 2017)

The author laid out a riveting and heart rending story that kept me entranced.
Anyone that was, or knew an angry upset teen will identify with the characters, and the way they reacted to life and it’s turmoils. Not many understand the angst of teens, and fewer still would have the skill and ability to use them as the author did. The story was more than about a woman returning to her home town, and it did that well. It was about the adults that fail their children, and redemption. When is enough remorse enough? When can someone change to the point that a victim feels safe offering forgiveness?

I read the first review and after reading it agree with the author weaving the plot into a well crafted story with subplots and twists and turns. The characters were fluid and grew as the story unfolded, nobody but the lawyer was typecast.

The author kept the action well paced and the style of the story lent itself towards character development. I guessed who the villain was, but it was just a guess. Even then the ending was unexpected. There were enough clues that it wasn’t a complete surprise, but it was done in a way that wrapped up a lot of loose ends.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and would easily recommend it to just about anyone that enjoys reading.

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