Another Five Star Review For Bitter Legacy!

jeep wonder of Reading Alley wrote this Five Star Review of Bitter Legacy:

The good, the bad, it’s in all of us.
Jun 1, 2017 (Edited Jun 1, 2017)

The author laid out a riveting and heart rending story that kept me entranced.
Anyone that was, or knew an angry upset teen will identify with the characters, and the way they reacted to life and it’s turmoils. Not many understand the angst of teens, and fewer still would have the skill and ability to use them as the author did. The story was more than about a woman returning to her home town, and it did that well. It was about the adults that fail their children, and redemption. When is enough remorse enough? When can someone change to the point that a victim feels safe offering forgiveness?

I read the first review and after reading it agree with the author weaving the plot into a well crafted story with subplots and twists and turns. The characters were fluid and grew as the story unfolded, nobody but the lawyer was typecast.

The author kept the action well paced and the style of the story lent itself towards character development. I guessed who the villain was, but it was just a guess. Even then the ending was unexpected. There were enough clues that it wasn’t a complete surprise, but it was done in a way that wrapped up a lot of loose ends.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and would easily recommend it to just about anyone that enjoys reading.

BitterLegacy_w11351_750 2

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