Five Stars for Bitter Legacy!

Lynda Coker at Between the Lines Reviews gave my upcoming Romantic Suspense, ‘Bitter Legacy’ Five Stars.

Lynda reads the first ten pages of a book and writes a review on whether or not a reader would want to finish the book. She bases this on the premise that if a story doesn’t catch the reader’s interest in the first pages, they won’t want to read the rest of the story.

Check out her site:

Or, read the review here:

Title: Bitter Legacy
Author: C. B. Clark
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Review Rating: ***** Totally hooked…Can’t Put It Down
Review Comments: 
The first sentence of the first page nailed the suspense factor and the first paragraph made me wonder if Sharla-Jean Bromley was a psycho or a sympathetic character I would invest more time in. After completing the first ten pages, I still didn’t have an answer to that question, but I knew I had to keep reading.
A few story elements gleaned from the first ten pages: 
A nightmare of a secret kept for seventeen years. A daughter shows up at her father’s church funeral wearing a daring red dress. The whole group of mourners hate her.  The whole town is asking what Josh Morgan was going to do about it. To him, she is a package of trouble that threatens to ruin all his plans.
Quote from Book:
~ With each comment, each insult, each condemnation, the layer of ice encircling her heart thickened.~

BitterLegacy_w11351_750 2


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