Great Start To 2018!

Wow! Bitter Legacy finished second in the Romance category of the 2018 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll! I’m thrilled. There were an incredible 49 entries. I couldn’t have accomplished this amazing feat without the support of my family, friends, and readers. Awesome support, and a great way to start 2018. Thank you.

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The Moose Came Back!


Our moose came back! It’s early evening and I’m looking out my living room window watching a full-grown bull moose as he nibbles bitter apples, somehow avoiding the Christmas lights strung on the tree.

I live in a small, rural community backing onto hundreds of acres of forested woodlands. Every year for the past ten years, the same moose has come to visit. Amazing when you consider the average life expectancy for moose in the wild is 15-20 years. Somehow he avoided hunters, wolves, and the forest fires we had last summer, and survived another year in the wild.

He shows up around the middle of December and stays a few weeks, visiting local homes, eating the buds off trees, and munching the food (and destroying the bins) in our composts. We call him Fred after a long-time resident who passed away around the time the moose first appeared. Our little general store put his image on reusable shopping bags and gave them out as gifts last Christmas.

Fred’s huge. Moose can weigh up to 1200 pounds and stand 5 to 6.5 feet at the shoulders. In spite of their impressive size and sharp hooves, moose are usually not a threat to humans (except during mating season in the Fall, or if you stumble across a cow moose and her calf, then look out!)

When Fred’s first sighted, there’s an excited buzz in the community. His annual appearance gives us hope and an appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Welcome back, Fred.


Fred behind our house.


Reusable bag from our local store.

Merry Christmas!


View from behind our house.

When I look up from my lap top computer and gaze out my office window, I realize how lucky I am. The sky is a clear, robins-egg blue, and the sun is shining, sparkling on a million, tiny diamonds in the snow blanketing the trees and covering the ground. Another beautiful day in paradise.

Now, not many people would refer to our little plot of forest as paradise, but every day when I walk on the trails behind my house through the thick Douglas fir forest, I revel in my good fortune. The air is fresh, the snow crunches under my feet, and the river glistens with ice chunks. If I’m lucky, I’ll catch a glimpse of a deer, rabbit, or moose hiding amongst the trees.

2017 has been a very good year. We were blessed with the arrival of healthy twin grandsons, and my very senior dog is still enjoying her life and our walks. Friends and family surround me. My second book, Bitter Legacy was released, and an audible book is coming out in January. Another romantic suspense novel comes out in March.

I wish everyone the very best for the Holidays and the coming year. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from my patch of paradise to yours!



Our local moose.




‘Tis The Season!


Never before has Holiday shopping been so easy. With a simple click of a button, I can order clothing, sports equipment, the latest electronic gadgets, the hottest toys, and any other gift I desire. Better still—the package is delivered right to my front door. No more jockeying to find a parking space, or shouldering through crowds of sweaty Holiday shoppers, or facing long line ups at the till. From the comfort of my living room, ensconced in my recliner, bathed in the cold blue light reflecting off my computer screen, I can shop stores worldwide.

I’ve realized something this year. By ordering online, I’m isolating myself in my home, and I’m missing a big part of what makes Christmas special. Amidst the crowds of shoppers, there’s a sense of excitement, an expectant hush as if anything can happen. If I leave my house, I meet my neighbours and catch up on community news, watch excited children line up to visit the mall Santa Claus, listen to the peal of Christmas bells, and wish others a Merry Christmas and good will for the coming year.

And so, I’ve decided to put down my lap top computer, leave my chair and bedroom slippers behind, and brave the chaos of the local shopping center. Sure, real-life shopping  is harder, and I’ll be tired and maybe a tad cranky, but I’ll witness the magic of this season surrounded by my neighbors, friends, and children. And I’ll be supporting the local economy.


The Glamorous Life Of An Author


I grew up watching Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote, a television show (1984-1996) where the main character is a famous author of mystery books, and she also solves murders. This show was my impression of the glamorous life of an author… money pouring in from royalties, praise from my adoring fans, exciting book tours meeting fascinating people, solving the odd crime, and a few short hours a week spent crafting my next best seller.

The reality is vastly different. Not only am I not a famous author (very little glamour or adoring fans exist in my life), I haven’t solved any crimes.

Writing is damn hard, probably the most challenging work I’ve ever done. There’s nothing sexy about the daily grind of sitting your butt down in a chair before a computer and plugging away, one word at a time.

On a typical day, I wake up early and start writing. I write for a couple of hours, and then take a break. After lunch, it’s back in the writing chair. After a few more hours of writing, my brain’s mush and black spots are dancing in front of my eyes, but the work’s not over.

The social media commitments and promotion efforts of an author today are overwhelming. Even big name authors spend hours every week promoting their books. I’m fortunate in that I have a supportive team behind me at The Wild Rose Press. My editor, cover illustrator, copy editor, marketing expert, and publisher all take on part of the load.


So why do I continue to write? I think like most authors, I live for the moment when I’ve written a really good sentence, found the perfect word, or developed an intriguing plot twist. A word of praise from a friend, a five star review, or being offered another contract, all make the hard work worth the sweat and tears. Not an ounce of glamour, but plenty of fulfillment.






Everyone Should Travel!

I’m grateful for so many things. I’m especially thankful I’m healthy enough, and have the financial means, and the time to fulfill my dream of traveling to far off places. Travel has broadened my mind and allowed me to better understand people who live vastly different lives than me.
This was especially true on my recent trip to Jordan. The news is full of negative stories about radical Muslims in far off countries doing terrible things, but the welcoming warmth of the people I encountered in Jordan, a Muslim country where women wear hijabs, chadors or burkas, and the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer five times a day, was the polar opposite. 
Cambodia was another eye opener. Even though the Cambodians suffered the deaths of more than two million citizens under the Khmer Rouge genocide in the late 1970’s, the people are cheerful and friendly and working hard to build a new future. They have so little, but are more than willing to share with a stranger from a foreign land.
The more people in other countries I meet, the more I realize we all have the same goals and dreams. I’m truly thankful for each new friend I meet along my travels and the many ways he or she enriches my life.Nov. 14- CB Clark namecard- blog

Another Great Review for Bitter Legacy!

on November 3, 2017
Sometimes a bitter legacy can be the storm right before the sun

Big Jim Bromley was the least of Sharla-Jean Bromley’s worries as she saw familiar faces and the place she grew up years ago thinking she would never return. Dislike was a nice way of putting what she saw in most of the faces around her.

Joshua Cornelius Morgan saw a beautiful red head in a bright red dress with red hills and wanted to see the face that went with the curves. He couldn’t wait to see who would come to a funeral looking like perfection.

Many turn of events lead to a chaotic time and how will Sharla-Jean ever overcome caring so much about her past and trying to put others in their place because they never knew the truth about her?

When the the will is read, the compromise shocks everyone involved and still living. And someone doesn’t like the business at hand and they want everything to go up in flames and they don’t care if lives are shed.

Big Jim left a bitter legacy for these two main characters who are not fond of each other but sometimes things aren’t as they appear. This book will dig deep into the heart of the matters of these two lives that are quite painful.

I finished in one seating and it kept me turning pages and waiting in anticipation! It’s really good.

I received a copy of the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Dead Sea, A Must See


Visiting the Dead Sea was a must-see during my recent trip to Jordan. This large, landlocked salt lake located in the middle of the desert between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan is the lowest place on Earth (430 meters below sea level!). The mineral and saline content is so high that only the most miniscule bacterial and fungal organisms can live in its clear turquoise waters.

The Dead Sea is renowned for its health benefits and tourists flock to the hotels and spas lining its shores for the therapeutic benefits of a salt bath and mud treatment. Its waters are said to heal arthritis, psoriasis, stimulate blood circulation, and promote a more youthful skin.

Anything that promises youth is a hit in my book. That’s why I was so excited to visit the Dead Sea. The shore is covered with huge, jutting salt crystals that dig into your bare feet, but the water is warm and almost oily. Its so buoyant it’s impossible to sink. All those photographs of people lying on their backs reading a newspaper are true.

After soaking in the water, I coated my body in a thick layer of black mud dredged from the bottom of the sea. I’m not sure if I look any younger, but after I rinsed off the mud, my skin was as smooth and silky as a baby’s. Definitely an experience I’ll never forget.


Me getting beautiful.


Salt crystals on the shore of the Dead Sea.

Trip To Jordan


“Why are you going to Jordan? Is it safe? Are you crazy?”

These were just some of the comments I received when I informed friends and family my husband and I were going on a two-week vacation to Jordan.

Jordan exceeded all our expectations. The people were warm and friendly. Everywhere we went we heard ‘Welcome to Jordan’. Never once, no matter where we traveled on our many wanderings through the crowded Souks of the city, or hiked on dusty country trails, did we feel threatened or nervous. We only had to pull out a map and people asked if they could help us.

The country is stunning. There’re endless miles of desert, sand, and scorching heat. The hottest temperatures we experienced were in Wadi Rum, the heart of the desert, but the nights were cool and pleasant. There are also jagged mountains, strikingly beautiful rock formations with vibrant reds, yellows, blues, and whites streaking through the sandstone, and blue skies and land that seem to stretch forever. The outline of a Bedouin riding a camel over the desert sand was like a dream of past days. The stars at night in the Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert were so brilliant you could almost touch them.

Petra, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the number one archaeological site in Jordan. It’s carved sandstone temples are cut from the stones themselves. The caves, elaborate monuments, Roman columns, and ruins date from before the ancient Romans. We hiked through this extensive site and found places where there was no one. The views from the High sacrificial mound or the monastery are breathtaking, and we could see across the desert to Israel.

The Dead Sea was phenomenal. We floated (it’s impossible not to) in the salty brine and enjoyed the slick oiliness of the water. I plastered my body with black Dead Sea mud (it’s supposed to be healing), and my skin was incredibly soft after I rinsed off the thick layer of mud.

The history in Jordan is almost too much to take in… we visited the mountain where Moses saw the Promised Land, the spring beside the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized, the Dead Sea scrolls, and crusader castles. We climbed over two thousand-year-old mosaics covered with a thin film of desert sand.

We heard the distant booming of bombs dropped by the Israelis on the Gaza strip, and there were security checks along the roads, but never once did we feel unsafe. Jordan is an incredible country and well worth a visit.